Frequently asked questions!

Is it private?
Your privacy is always respected before, after and during your boudoir shoot. The only person on set is the photographer. Makeup and Hair Stylist will be in a separate room/area. When participating in a marathon day of shoots, clients are scheduled back to back throughout the day and photography sessions do not overlap. This is your time to shine and we don't want anything or anyone interfering with that.

Can I bring a friend to the shoot with me?
Yes, but only if you have both scheduled a shoot. While bringing a friend might sound like a good idea, it usually makes the subject matter (you) more self conscious, unless the friend is doing a photo session as well and has prepared the same way you have.

Are hair and makeup included with the photo session?
Professional Hair and Makeup Artists are included in the packages.

Can I decide what style of makeup application I will get?
The girls are trained in makeup and hair for all types of shoots, fashion, beauty, bridal. They will accommodate any look a client desires. We suggest that you bring in inspiration images if you have a specific look in mind.

Do you provide outfits for my shoot?
We do not provide wardrobe but we will be happy to help you select outfits that will work well with the set and compliment your figure (we do have a few pieces available to enhance your selection). If you're having trouble finding the right outfits for your shoot and are in need of something new but don't know where to shop, message us and we will send you a list of a few of our favorite lingerie stores.

Do I need to show nudity in my photos?
Clothed, partially clothed, hinted nudity and fully nude can all be sexy. You choose the level of disrobe that you feel comfortable with.

Help me with ideas for props and accessories?
Choose items that reflect your personality. Jewelry, pretty scarves, veils, feather hairpieces, fishnets, Cowboy hats, a vintage camera, umbrellas would all be fun choices, use your imagination.

Do I need to be over 18?
YES, for boudoir, nudes and intimate photography.

Will you help me with posing, I am not a professional model?
You do not need modeling experience to look sexy and fabulous. The photographer will coach you on how to pose and look best for the camera. Researching poses and practicing is always a great idea, but we have plenty of ideas to help you out with, be prepared to have some fun!

Will my photos be retouched? And what exactly does that mean?
We are flooded with retouched images of perfection on a daily basis by the media. You have seen many celebrities and models in print, they never look as good in person as they do on the cover of your favorite magazines. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to see themselves this way too! Pout does not believe in heavy retouching though.... we want the real you to shine through loud and clear. Digitally retouching the images adds a bit of magic to them. Retouching not only enhances your beauty but also reduces imperfections. We will smooth your skin until it's perfect, remove stray hairs, make the colors pop, and enhance the overall feel and look of the image.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give us a shout we would be happy to answer them!

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