10 Tips to prepare for your Boudoir Shoot!

1. It isn’t really necessary to spend lots of money on tons of lingerie before your photo shoot…although it is a great excuses to shop! A sexy black bra and pantie set will work great. White is good too and we girls usually have this stuff in our collection already. Boy shorts make everyone look awesome. Be playful and have fun with your styling!

2. Bring things that your sweetie may have given you as a gift including any jewelry or special items that may be incorporated into the photo shoot. Sneak a favorite piece out of their closet, perhaps a jersey from a favorite team, a favorite old T-shirt. They will love to see these items on you!

3. High heels are must bring accessory! If you have those amazing, designer shoes that are impossible to walk in, this is the perfect time to dust them off and get them out of the closet.

4. Have fun and come to your boudoir photo shoot with a positive, open attitude! Your photographer should be someone that you trust and admire. You will receive coaching during your session, but feel free to research some posing ideas ahead of time, make the most of your hour by having an idea of what it is you would like to achieve.

5. Come to your session well rested and eat a light snack before hand. Of course, we are all concerned about our tummies, so try to avoid a big meal, but a light meal or snack will give you needed energy without leaving you feeling too full. Stay hydrated, choose water over high sugary drinks. Wear loose clothing and socks to prevent dents in skin.

6. If you need to work on your tan, a professional spray tan applied at least a day or two before your session works great. Waxing should be done a few days before to allow skin to settle down. Do not wash you hair the day of the session, slightly lived in hair builds volume and holds styling!

7. Paint your fingernails and toe nails. Yes, they will be seen in the pictures.

8. False eye lashes can draw attention to and enhance your eyes, they look incredibly sexy in photos. Love them!

9. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize...

10. If you have ideas, questions or concerns, let them be known, this event is especially for you and we would like to help you make the most of it.

......Number 11. I know it says 10 tips, but I couldn't resist...Have Fun, be confident, you are beautiful!


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